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THE UNLIMITED Magazine is a theme-based iPad quarterly that examines contemporary culture through a techie lens. Designed with features that encourage readers to swipe, push, tilt, listen, watch, and participate in,The UNLIMITED is a complete interactive media source. We bring forward the latest revolutionary inventions from across the globe, as well as the brilliant people behind them. We provide the platform for you to create your own individualized reading/viewing experience. 

Each issue of THE UNLIMITED comes with a carefully chosen topic, which we make sure to dissect to pieces. From wearable tech and cutting-edge artists, to unusual cultural events, and novelties in the music field, THE UNLIMITED is an internationally available format that is innovative in nature and timeless in essence.


Hannah Bronfman

Multitask With Confidence

At age 25 were you spinning at the hottest clubs, developing an iPhone app, and investing in successful restaurants? Hannah Bronfman is a one of a kind chick and there isn’t much this socialite hasn’t dipped her toes in. From entrepreneur endeavors to her choice in men, confidence is the ultimate key to Hannah’s success.

Born into money didn’t cushion Hannah into a life of living off her family’s success, which is seen in far too many children of nowadays. By utilizing the life that was given to her Hannah is taking self made to a new level. Her entrepreneur project that is receiving major buzz at the moment is an iPhone App that allows you to find and book same day beauty services, all from one trusted source.

Like many, I’m a woman on the go. I don’t want to stand on the street corner when I have a few extra hours searching on Google and yelp for beauty appointments, I’d rather just open up an app and have all the info right there right now.

Its no surprise to us that Hannah plans to continue to undertake endeavors in all aspects of her life; music, film, restaurants, the list goes on and on. Hannah describes each experience as really just about rolling with the punches and wearing many hats.

In addition to her business, Hannah’s music career is thriving. She is currently taking on a whole new crowd of corporate clients, rather than the typical New York City nightlife. 

Growing up in the music industry, I’ve always harbored a love for the artistic and creative mind, my cousin has a really amazing start-up and that definitely got me interested in the industry.

Hannah’s style can be commonly seen and talked about on fashions blogs daily. This fashionista likes to play it subtle on the sexy, but just enough to keep you interested. Her go to pick me up is a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos and a hot bold lip. 

When it comes too sexy, I don’t vouche for women or men. I vouche for myself …. And maybe for my boyfriend

With many projects in her life right now, it fair to say we will be hearing a lot about her in the future.

I definitely would love to make some music. It would be fun to do another movie. It’s hard to say what the future holds, I just take everything day by day.

text by: Karin Bar