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THE UNLIMITED Magazine is a theme-based iPad quarterly that examines contemporary culture through a techie lens. Designed with features that encourage readers to swipe, push, tilt, listen, watch, and participate in,The UNLIMITED is a complete interactive media source. We bring forward the latest revolutionary inventions from across the globe, as well as the brilliant people behind them. We provide the platform for you to create your own individualized reading/viewing experience. 

Each issue of THE UNLIMITED comes with a carefully chosen topic, which we make sure to dissect to pieces. From wearable tech and cutting-edge artists, to unusual cultural events, and novelties in the music field, THE UNLIMITED is an internationally available format that is innovative in nature and timeless in essence.


Elle Dee

Smart is Sexy

Elle Dee started her journey into the music business from a very young age, but it was only ten years ago that she made her debut into the DJ world. In just a small amount of time Elle has taken her childhood dream and turned it into a kickass reality. From opening for Guns n’ Rose & Iggy Pop to holding down her weekly spot at the Electric Room at Dream Downtown, Elle Dee is dominating the New York nightlife scene. 

Many DJ’s are so focused on the social aspect of being a DJ rather than delivering a quality and orginal set. Preferring to play for a less trendy scene where she can lay what she likes and beieves in, is another reason the chick is is the shit. It’s admirable how Elle Dee cares about what she can deliver to the people and not so much she can get in return. 

Elle finds her music inspiration in a mix of rock and classical songs, the music she grew up listening to. As Elle was exposed to different music styles, with age she grew a new connection to electric music.

Especially after hearing some of the best names on minimal, deep house and techno, I was really blessed by having that whole experience as well and all of that reflects on my work today.

Her intriguing style has received the same if not more attention in the fashion world. Her chic edgy style is inspired mostly` by fellow musicians and writers she admires, as well as daily pedestrians on a New York street.

Hedi Slimane was always one of my favorite fashion figures so I try to stay away from Saint Laurent as right now.

Being a woman in a male dominated industry doesn’t faze this vixen, but rather pushes her to work harder to prove herself. In such a hard field to find success in Elle confesses that she feels blessed just for having the opportunity to show her work to more and people. Growing up with boys also could have been the reason Elle feels comfortable in her skin around the guys.

Not only does Elle have talent and beauty, but brains as well. When questioned about what she finds most sexy about a man, she didn’t gush about his looks or style. It’s a mans' brains and character that draws her in.

I like people that I can have a nice full conversation over a bottle of wine. If the talk fades before the bottle, not a good sign.

A good bottle of wine and an honest conversation is what it takes to impress Miss Elle. She reveals that honesty is the sexiest quality a person can hold. It’s about intrigue that makes her coming back for more.

My friends always say though, that if I call someone clever, I’m in love.

For such an interesting character, Elle keeps it pretty simple. She loves to rock her vans and rock a natural face, although she does love her signature scent, although she’ll never tell what is


text by: Karin Bar