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THE UNLIMITED Magazine is a theme-based iPad quarterly that examines contemporary culture through a techie lens. Designed with features that encourage readers to swipe, push, tilt, listen, watch, and participate in,The UNLIMITED is a complete interactive media source. We bring forward the latest revolutionary inventions from across the globe, as well as the brilliant people behind them. We provide the platform for you to create your own individualized reading/viewing experience. 

Each issue of THE UNLIMITED comes with a carefully chosen topic, which we make sure to dissect to pieces. From wearable tech and cutting-edge artists, to unusual cultural events, and novelties in the music field, THE UNLIMITED is an internationally available format that is innovative in nature and timeless in essence.

Mike and Claire



“Mutants,” Directed by Mike and Claire

For the  second installment of our “Mutant Series” we created video portraits following six different characters in their specific environments.  The mutant series began while we were working on our “Characters” series.  We became interested in styling that deformed the human body. This radical styling is about  moving and multiplying body parts with clothing and props. These creatures although alien, remained very human. We feel a strong connection to their shapes and new identities. In this video we wanted to experiment with the mutants interacting in the real world and just letting them play.

Khadija Otero
Alexandra Marzella
Mars Hobrecker
Hilda Vargas
Anny Lutwak
Nellie Blue